Arresting Knowledge Recap EXCLUSIVE

Arresting Knowledge Recap EXCLUSIVE

Critical Thinking About News and Information Overload


Charles Gregory, AfroPhilly Contributor and Founder of local Philly-based non-profit Project Steam TV – dedicated to putting the A in S.T.E.A.M. education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) served as Local Ambassador and co-host of the national Arresting Knowledge: Critical Thinking About Media teaching tour which kicked off its East Coast leg in Philly on July 19. This interactive event held at PhillyCam was led by Artists for Literacy Founder Deborah Pardes and drew a capacity crowd made up of a cross section of the community who engaged in the process of learning: just what is media literacy and how do we achieve it?

“We underscore media literacy in everything we do at ProjectSteam.TV but talking about it and participating in it are two separate things,” explains Gregory. “Arresting Knowledge gave members of our community the opportunity to have that ‘aha moment’ where they come to the realization ‘I need to pay attention to this. How is this story being told? What are the visuals? Who is behind it and does any bias pre-exist?’ This is the best way to educate ourselves on what’s really happening in our neighborhoods and the world.”

Adds Pardes: “People struggle to figure out how to know what information is credible these days. Our work is about collective wisdom. Never trusting singular sources that are digital. Too much can happen on this misinformation highway. People need people. Arresting Knowledge is betting on the fact that face-to-face will save the human race.”

To support the cause of a media literate nation, Arresting Knowledge has partnered with Tribeworthy which empowers the crowd to review any online article, helping to connect people to the most ‘Trusted’ and ‘Newsworthy’ online articles.

The Arresting Knowledge national teaching tour kicked off at Stanford University’s Newsroom By The Bay on July 4 before its first free and open to the public forum debuted in Sacramento on July 6. (The local FOX 40 News aired this report entitled Skepticism over Cynicism: Group Teaches Media Literacy to Combat ‘Fake News’.) Arresting Knowledge kicked off its East Coast tour last night in Philly and will make additional stops in Moorestown, New Jersey July 20; New Britain, CT July 22; University of Rhode Island July 23; Boston July 24; and Belfast, Maine July 26.

An October Arresting Knowledge tour is also in the planning stages and will traverse mid and southern states.

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