How a Balloon is Helping People With Sinusitis


    A recent development in the world of medical procedures has shown great promise in helping those afflicted with chronic sinusitis. A new alternative to surgery, this relatively non-invasive maneuver is as simple as it sounds. Doctors use a balloon to expand the nasal cavities for patients, thus allowing them to breathe better.

    The procedure, which lasts roughly 45 minutes, begins with doctors numbing the nose and inserting a small balloon into the sinus cavity. The balloon is then gently inflated, allowing for the sinus cavity to open. Patients are free to return home immediately following the procedure. It’s that simple.

    Approved by the FDA, the research for this project has come so far that the procedure can now be done in the office. It is painless and carries far less risk than surgery to the sinus cavities. And with around 29.4 million adults diagnosed with sinusitis, this quick and painless procedure is very much welcomed.

    While sinus infections are common and usually go away on their own with no need for surgery or balloon therapy, those that have had issues for longer than a couple of months and are not reacting to antibiotics may want to ask their doctor about possible solutions.

    Should you require something more than antibiotics and nasal sprays, balloon therapy has shown great promise. In fact, the procedure has had a 95% success rate for patients.

    It is easy to see this procedure as a little strange. After all, inserting a balloon into your nose sounds more like something an excitable toddler would do at a birthday party. But if you’ve exhausted every other option, and the only one left is a surgery that’s going to put you out of commission for a while, consider talking to your doctors about balloon therapy and see if it’s right for you.