Why The Black Community Shouldn’t Be Too Excited By Eminem’s Freestyle

Why The Black Community Shouldn’t Be Too Excited By Eminem’s Freestyle


To be fair, I liked the freestyle. I didn’t love it. A lot of the things he harped on were about current events and he gave us a view of what he thinks about it. The issue with this is that ( some ) of the black community’s mind is blown by this, meanwhile I’m looking at it like I’m hearing a broken record and I’ll explain why.

Personally, I don’t believe this is a stunt for his album sales. Em’ has so many fans behind him that there is no need for publicity stunts and his upcoming album will still sell regardless if this freestyle was released or not. Truly, I don’t think this was for the black community, yeah it was on BET and yeah he mentioned black athletes, but this was blatantly subjective throughout the freestyle. He explains HIS aggression towards Trump and the decisions he’s made and what he wants to do because of that. Not once did he remotely say or relate to a COMMUNITY feeling a certain way, only himself. Some black people might look at this and think because it was stationed on BET that it was for us. Negative.

I have no problem with the freestyle altogether, I’m more upset at how people embraced it and made it seem like any of this was news. To make things even worse is that this is all second hand information, these aren’t even the full facts, just a summary. Also, I would expect Em’ to speak on some things people DIDN’T already hear about through social media. Like how messed up the NRA is or something of that nature, if you’re gonna wake people up, you should really WAKE them up on that platform but I understand some things just can’t be said, but damn he was real explicit about how he wanted to stick Trump’s head onto the wall that he plans on building, why not throw in how the government sets up things for whites to flourish and blacks to decline. That’s a whole other topic though. Thanks for reading!