Creepy Crawlies Are Everywhere: Philadelphia Ranks 5th in Nation for Pest Infestation


    A good 47% of Americans haven’t updated their home decor within the last five years. But that may change for those in Philadelphia.

    Why? Because The City of Brotherly Love has been voted as the fifth most pest-infested city across the nation., a website meant to help people find new homes all across the nation, conducted a survey in February that ranked the cleanliness of cities all over the country. Titled “Critter Cities: America’s Top 10 Towns for Pest Infestations,” Philadelphia landed smack dab in the middle.

    The survey compiled data from the American Housing Survey, Orkin pest removal service, Terminix, and Hartz Pet Products and Supplies. The findings included the following:

      • A full 19% of homeowners in Philadelphia have seen rats at least once
      • As many as 7% of homes have experienced a cockroach infestation
      • Philadelphia’s traditional row home structure makes it easier for rats and other pets to move from home to home


    This year has been a particularly good one for rats — not so good for homeowners — because of the unseasonably high temperatures.

    “Philadelphia also has [had] a very unseasonably warm winter this year, so the rats are growing more than usual,” Dannis Warf of Royal Pest Control explained in his report to Philly Voice.

    The study also showed that Philly is prone to both termites and bedbugs. These two culprits are incredibly hard to contain because they lay eggs at such a fast pace, and this can sometimes be exacerbated by the warm temperatures. In fact, in their own report back in January, Orkin named Philadelphia one of the nation’s most bedbug-infested cities.

    It is important to note that government data shows a household’s income has little to no impact on its level of infestation. Interestingly enough, households with an annual earning of $120,000 or more reported a higher rate of rodents in their homes compared to poorer homes in developing areas.

    So residents of Philly beware: there may be more houseguests in your home than previously expected.