Enjoi Lux Presents: Short Hair Don’t Care Hosted By The Cut Life’s...

Enjoi Lux Presents: Short Hair Don’t Care Hosted By The Cut Life’s Tahira Joy


As the leaves change and summer comes to a close, a new hairstyle always seems to creep up to the top of every woman’s must do list.  There’s no going back once you commit to a chop, so how are you supposed to style it once you take that courageous step? Whether you are on the prowl for the perfect haircut or you are looking to breathe new life into your current style; this month’s “Short Hair Don’t Care” runway event is the perfect opportunity to get hair inspiration.

Hosted by The Cut Life co-founder, Tahira Joy Wright, the 10/21/17 runway event aims to give short coifed beauties of ALL shades and textures a platform to celebrate the freedom & empowerment of short tresses.  Initially cutting her hair due to breakage, Wright has been drawn to short hairstyles ever since.  For her brand’s 1 million followers, The Cut Life offers a digital platform that debunks short hair stereotypes and offers an assortment of styles for the short haired woman.

Bringing The Cut Life passion that has been the inspiration behind so many of her collaborations with top tier beauty brands and hairstylists to the “Short Hair Don’t Care” stage, Tahira will share highlights from her own hair journey as the models hit the catwalk showcasing bold to classic, bald to bob and natural to relaxed short hairstyles.   Presented by Enjoi Lux, “Short Hair Don’t Care” guests will take in the top Fall 2017 short hair trends from Philly’s most talented stylists.  “Hair trends have become so specialized in way that has transformed cuts and styles into hair art.  We are so excited to be able to collaborate with so many creative brands to bring this platform to Philadelphia as another way to connect and empower women,” shares Enjoi Lux co-founders Alaina Reid and Deborah Polidore.

Saturday, 10/21/17
2pm – 5pm
Victorian Philly
4809 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA


Supporting women in business and giving back to the community, Enjoi Lux was created to bring a refreshing new perspective to luxurious events. Enjoi Lux aims to add a touch of glam in the development of events that not only provide women with the resources needed to live the life that they work so hard at building, but to build their network.   One city at a time, Enjoi Lux is committed to redefining how women network by merging glamour and empowerment into an experience.

For more information on the Short Hair Don’t Care Event please go to www.enjoilux.com or for media inquiries, please contact Yvonne Leslie at yleslie@melangepr.com or 888-622-3245 ext. 0