Gardens of the Mind: Echoes of the Feminine View

Gardens of the Mind: Echoes of the Feminine View


The African American Museum of Philadelphia brings to you another exhibit that gives the stage to black women. Gardens of the Mind: Echoes of the Feminine View is an exhibit that features five black women artists who use their work to explore spiritual cultivation and memory through art.

These women include:

Barbara Bullock a visual artist who creates her work on paper,

Martha Jackson Jarvis a sculptor who uses natural materials such as recycled stone, glass, wood, and clay,

E.J. Montgomery an artist primarily known for her metal work and printmaking,

Joiri Minaya a painter who calls her work a “reassertion of Self, an exercise of unlearning, decolonizing and exorcizing imposed histories, cultures and ideas,” and

Glynnis Reed a visual artist who focuses on painting and collage

Through their respective mediums, they use the metaphorical garden to connect history through their eyes as women with the natural environment and allow us to look at our minds as a field, which like a field must be nurtured and developed to promote growth.

“Gardens of the Mind examines spirituality as it relates to memory and intellect with the idea of garden as metaphor. In this context, the works of five artists: Barbara Bullock, Martha Jackson Jarvis, Joiri Minaya, E. J. Montgomery and Glynnis Reed are presented. Evident in their art is a connectivity to the earth and living matter particular to their gaze as women.” -A. M. Weaver, Guest Curator

Next month, the AAMP is hosting a FREE ArtTalk featuring these artists to discuss their work in the exhibit. Tickets can be reserved at the link below.

The exhibit is on view from October 6 through January 18th at the AAMP, located at 701 Arch Street, Philadelphia. PA 19106.

General admission is $14 for Adults.