Hairstylist Hopes to Give Back With #TheDeeperThanHairProject

Hairstylist Hopes to Give Back With #TheDeeperThanHairProject


As a child, Annagjid Taylor sat with her great-grandmother for routine and often painful task of getting her hair done. “Every morning was a production” Taylor would describe until one morning she woke up and “did it myself.” With practice, Taylor styled and curled her way to her own successful brand and business Deeper Than Hair.

Taylor, also known as “Kee” is a successful Philadelphia stylist, her work seen on celebrities and fashion publications worldwide. Dedicated to her salon and bringing “healthy, stronger hair” to her clients, Taylor wants to use her talents and her team to give back to the women that need it most, this venture being her #DeeperThanHairProject.

The #DeeperThanHairProject began as a “random” event in Taylor’s Philadelphia salon where Taylor’s clients nominated women going through rough times to receive complimentary treatment at the salon. Taking notice of the positive response behind the idea, Taylor decided to take the idea nationally. Planning to take her team on a road trip from Philadelphia to Los Angeles the ultimate goal according to Taylor is “to make women feel good again.” Currently raising money via a GoFundMe campaign, Taylor and her team hope to raise $30,000 to travel and document the journey.

In her mission for the #DeeperThanHairProject Taylor and her team will go to “as many cities as possible” to do hair for homeless women, cancer survivors and domestic violence victims among others. From Taylor’s perspective, the goal of the project is not just aesthetics but offering a community of support during a time in need.

“It could be any of us.” Taylor said. “We take for granted the small things that make people feel good, these women because they’re out there and they need us”. “I’m just hoping everyone receives it as well as we hope, we are hoping that this can just spread.”

So far the campaign has raised over $4,000, and continues to do so through events such as their successful Curl-A-Thon this past September. For Taylor, her salon and charity are more than just a name, but a personal philosophy.

“It’s deeper just doing hair we need to make these women feel beautiful and empowered form inside out.” Taylor said. “Hair has been the bridge that has led me to everything else. It’s about building dreams for everybody else that works with me. Hair has definitely lead us everywhere that were going.” Taylor said.

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