Male Rompers: To Wear Or Not To Wear? That Is The Question

Male Rompers: To Wear Or Not To Wear? That Is The Question

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So the other day, a new Kickstarter campaign that introduces a new era and fashion pushed for the Male Romper. The RompHim, is the Kickstarter campaign by Aced Design.

As someone who has been in fashion as long as I have, you get asked to teach and lecture all the time about fashion and style. There is this thing called fashion literacy, so you start to understand certain images and agendas that are pushed out there especially to certain demographics they believe are the trendsetters and if it sticks then you have the next trend and designers make more money.

I was not going give my 2 cents about the Male Romper discourse that’s happening all through my timeline, but the more inboxes and tags I get, I said I will address it once and for all. Understand, this is taking all the emotion out of it and being as unbiased as I can with this post. And as my first blog to Afrophilly, I thought this may be an interesting contribution.

First off, if you are not a child, there is no reason for any man to be wearing a Romper. Here’s a little quick history on the Romper.

The one piece combination of Shirt & Shorts goes back as early as the 19th century Victorian Era. This was the idea of the French and guess what…? Only young boys wore them. Yup, little boys. And if you know anything about the France, they were and still are very liberal about fashion. So to say the idea of the Romper is GAY, means that one is uneducated about its history. Back then every family put their male children in them.

HOWEVER, that’s with the understanding we are talking about children clothing. The Rompers came to the states and was then innovated for the woman around the 70s for a stylish twist on the shirt/shorts fusion.  From there, more innovation. As it became more popular, they created Rompers Suits for women, and even the bedtime Teddy. MEN were not a part of that movement at all. That said, this was WOMEN’S fashion not MEN’S. We are not talking this new Era androgynous fashion fusion that men and women wear now a days, we are merely talking specifically men vs women fashion.

I heard the comparison to Dickies with reference to the Romper. And though I can see how one can compare them, the two had no relation, nor came from the same Era, nor serve the same purpose. Workman, military and protective gear all inspired the one piece dickie and overalls. Even to this day you can see the firefighter suit inspired from protective construction so, the material and functions are different. That is fashion vs. Function.

So now that we have a historical reference, it comes down to this. YOU CAN NOT compare a Romper to anything traditionally a man would wear. This is new fashion and if a man choose to wear something like that,  welp it’s his style choice. Not to be confused with the narrative of being told to wear it OR a mass group making men feel bad if they choose not to wear it or don’t like it for that matter … Smh. Everyone has a choice.

If you have an Understanding of media Literacy you understand that this is the machine pushing this fashion narrative. This new Romper is not a male Romper, it’s a Female Romper designed for men. With a male label stamped into it.

My personal opinion, If you are a male older than 5, you should not be wearing Rompers. Just get a two piece, they look better anyway.  But hey, what do I know…? If you like it… I love it. #thatIsAll

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