Meek Mill Made The Biggest Mistake Of His Career, But Also His...

Meek Mill Made The Biggest Mistake Of His Career, But Also His Biggest Lesson Learned.


Personally, I like Meek Mill’s music. I grew up on it living in Philly during my younger days before his fame arisen. Even then he had legal issues but seeing it now is disappointing being a fan none the less as a Philadelphia native. For some reason the big name Philly rap stars always get a bad rep of either:

  1. Spending all of there money to inevitably lead them to where they once was.
  2. Having legal issues.

Sometimes both. To be honest, I would think that Meek was past that stage in his life of going in and out of jail. The thing that upsets me most is that he expressed his bitterness for the Judicial system in PA. He consists on putting himself in a position to have to explain why he should keep his freedom. Not being mindful that you’ve been convicted multiple times and currently on probation. It’s just a pointless decision to me.

Now although there is downside in this, I do believe that after he is released we see him choose a different lane for his music and approaching himself in a more mature manner. Seeing himself back in the same place from his earlier years should give him humility to do differently by his son. My issue is that we shouldn’t have to see someone do 2-3 years in jail to see that. But this all comes from leaving your circumstances and your mind is still there partially. Having your freedom is more important than having an ” I’m on top of the world ” moment but I can’t judge him for this.

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