Money Mayweather Party’s in Philly

Money Mayweather Party’s in Philly


Written by: Big L 500

In a relatively short period of time Vanity Grand in Southwest Philadelphia has become one of the hottest venues for urban entertainment in the city. Many stars in both music and sports have visited this establishment to host their own parties. On Saturday night Vanity Grand was graced by one of the biggest stars from the world of sports Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. This was a big deal for both Vanity Grand and for the city itself. Mayweather is a promotional entity all his own. In the world of sports and entertainment few can lay claim to being a bigger star. His reputation in the ring speaks for itself. His record is unblemished at 49-0. He’s a multiple time World Champion in multiple weight classes. And even though he has walked away from the ring (for now) he still remains the biggest draw in the sport of boxing, breaking multiple pay per view box office records. Having an athlete with those kind of credentials and accomplishments is going to draw a crowd. After all his nickname is ‘Money’. Once it was announced that Floyd Mayweather was going to appear, Vanity Grand became the place to be on Saturday night. The venue was packed, and the party was going strong even before Mayweather and the Money Team arrived. Once they did the party got even more crowded, especially in VIP where fans and supporters alike hovered around to shake hands, take a photo, or just tried to get a glimpse of the champ himself. Floyd Mayweather knows how to promote himself and his brand. That comes with the territory of being a superstar of his status. He has been all over the world and back again. But the question is, what brought him to Philly and to Vanity Grand on this night? The answer is the Money Team’s very own Money Shi. Shi is the Money Team Ambassador for the city of Philadelphia, and Saturday’s event at Vanity Grand was his baby. Off the strength of their relationship, Shi was able to convince the champ to come to Philly and party with his fans at Vanity Grand.

Shi has joined forces with Mayweather’s Affiliation Management, which helps to promote the young up and coming fighters of the sport. Shi also works in collaboration as a sponsor for the TMT Red Lions, a youth football team in Las Vegas that prides itself on teaching kids not only the fundamentals of the sport, but also the importance of education and being a student athlete. When asked if Mayweather enjoyed his visit to Vanity Grand Saturday Shi said that he did and would, “Definitely come back.” Many of the other guests that night had to feel the same way. For this writer Saturday was my first time visiting Vanity Grand. Sure this event drew a larger crowd than normal because of Floyd Mayweather’s appearance. But still, anything coming close to the movie that took place inside Vanity Grand Saturday night would definitely warrant a return trip. Mayweather was not the only fighter in the building however. Philly’s own Danny Garcia was also a guest of honor Saturday night. Earlier in the evening Garcia had his hand raised in victory after his fight with Samuel Vargas was stopped in the 7th round. Garcia would later arrive at Vanity Grand to celebrate, and joined Mayweather and the Money Team in VIP. While the two fighters shared mutual respect and continued to enjoy the festivities of the evening, many boxing fans and sports fans in general are still left wondering if Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather would ever return to the ring for another fight? Perhaps against an up and coming fighter like Garcia? Or maybe for another mega fight with Manny Pacquiao? For right now Mayweather seems to be content with life outside the ring. Expanding his brand into even more business ventures, and being more of a mentor to up and coming fighters rather than a competitor. “He’s focused on the young fighters for right now,” says Shi, “But nothing is written in stone.”  While there is still an air of mystery surrounding whether Mayweather’s in ring career will continue, his Money Team brand remains as strong as ever. And on Saturday night Mayweather and the Money Team’s unique brand of celebrity and showmanship helped to elevate the brand of Vanity Grand even further with a knockout of a party.

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