Pennsylvania Man Steals $5,600 in Plumbing Equipment from Former Employer after Being Fired


    A jilted ex-employee decided to get revenge on the plumbing company that fired him by making off with thousands of dollars in valuable equipment before his departure.

    According to Lehigh Valley Live, Karl Kirchhofer of Nazareth, PA, was recently fired from Deluxe Plumbing after he was caught making unauthorized purchases with the company credit card.

    From June 14 to June 16, Kirchhofer made eight personal purchases with his employer’s credit card. In total, the former plumber and current criminal spent $900 of the company’s money, with most of the stolen cash being used to purchase Visa gift cards.

    Eventually, Deluxe Plumbing caught on to Kirchhofer’s scam and fired him. When he learned of his pending dismissal, Kirchhofer decided to go out swinging. On his last day at the job, he stole a whopping $5,600 of plumbing equipment from the company.

    There are more than 104,852 plumbing companies in the U.S., and thieves often target them because of how valuable their equipment is.

    However, many are wondering how Kirchhofer could possibly assume that no one would link him to the missing tools after his credit card scheme was exposed.

    According to, another puzzling instance of theft involving plumbing equipment was recently reported in California.

    Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying two men who stole an unmarked van filled with expensive plumbing equipment. Authorities say that the men held the van’s driver at gunpoint before fleeing, and some are questioning how the criminals knew that the vehicle was filled with valuable tools.

    As for Kirchhofer, Colonial Regional Police tracked down the thief shortly after Deluxe Plumbing reported the equipment missing. He is being charged with felony theft for stealing the tools, as well as felony access device fraud for making unauthorized purchases with the company credit card.

    Kirchhofer’s bail was set at 10% of $20,000. In lieu of bail, he was taken to Northampton County Prison where he will remain until sentencing.