Police Continue Being Ambushed Continue Across Country


    Violence is continuing across the country. In late September, in both Texas and Pennsylvania, ambushes were staged against law enforcement.

    What started as an attack on one Philadelphia police sergeant ended in a fatal shootout that left five people injured and one dead. In Fort Worth, Texas, two officers responded to a report of a self-inflected gunshot wound and were then attacked.

    Philly’s attack took place down the road from the University of Pennsylvania in West Philly. According to Western Journalism, a gunman approached Sgt. Sylvia Young and opened fire. Young, a 19-year-veteran, was shot and hit eight times.

    “It is absolutely amazing that she is alive,” said Philadelphia police commissioner Richard Ross Jr.

    Young radioed in for backup after being hit and after the gunman ran away to a nearby bar. When the gunman entered the bar, he opened fired yet again, injuring two people including one woman who he used as a human shield.

    The police arrived and started chasing the gunman. Shots were fired into a passing car. The gunman killed a woman and hit a man leaving him in critical condition.

    He was cornered by two police officers and a former officer, and after a shootout that left one officer wounded in stable condition, the suspect was killed.

    Heavy reports that in Forth Worth, the gunman hid inside a wooden shed — which last typically between 15 to 20 years — on the property that police responded to. The officers entered the house and found a dead, elderly man in a bedroom. Someone inside the house said a witness was in the backyard shed. As soon as the officers approached the shed, someone opened fire. The officers shot back and threw gas canisters at the shed.

    SWAT teams and police units converged on the house. The suspect was found dead in the shed. However, the cause of death was not disclosed.

    According to Fox 4, the suspect shot and killed his father and then attacked the officers from inside the shed. The two Texas police officers suffered non life-threatening injuries.