Saving Lives By Not Talking Or Texting While Driving

Saving Lives By Not Talking Or Texting While Driving


By Maurice Henderson

Keith Mungin is a social entrepreneur, community activist and outstanding media personality who has always been on the revelation cusp  of “Keeping it Real,” “What’s Up” and the “What’s going on” within area neighborhoods, the public arena and the private sector.  His latest and greatest attack angle and supposed worldwide challenge is for folks anywhere and everywhere to stop talking or texting while driving.

Mr. Mungin has been recognized with citations and honors by current and former Mayors, Council members, State Representatives and State Senators. His critically acclaimed, award winning and bestselling works include pinning the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl national theme song “Philly Stand Up.”  Throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, Tr-State area and territories of the Northeast Corridor there has been much ado about Mungin’s promotional recordings and subsequent single releases about “Peace,” which were considered a violence preventive strike done with rapper Shorty Roc. His hit TV series, Film Documentary and Touring staged production of “Baby Mama Drama” caused quite -a-stir and still remains a topic of intense and emotionalized conversations.

Phone Epidemic is the opus return of Keith Mungin to the mainstream and the trendsetter signature of the House of Reconciliation, his 501(C)3 non-profit tax exempt organization. The featured highlight and theme of the Phone Epidemic campaign is “NO TALKING OR TEXTING WHILE DRIVING – That Means You!!” Statistics show that many children, youth, adults and senior citizens are either killed, wounded or handicapped on a daily basis by drivers who are talking or texting while their vehicles are in motion. Mungin is seeking assistance and making requests from Elected Officials and City Government Agencies, including the Commerce Department, Anti Violence Task Force, Commissions and the Streets Department, which is known for utilizing Septa train stations and buses to promote Stop the Litter with local personalities such as PYPM founder Greg Corbin and the Reverend Chester H. Williams, founder of the Chew and Belfield Neighbors Club.  Mungin hopes donations and financial contributions will come from the general public, celebrities, entertainers, major sports figures, philanthropists, franchise and corporate Executives and Board Members.

As the founder of the House of Reconciliation, he has already procured $5,000 through solicited support and donor options but he really needs private donors and concerned citizens to make contributions to and by calling 267-971-0958 or by confirming commitments through the email address

Facebook users and subscribers can access Mungins career achievements through his name of that of the House of Reconciliation. The Phone Epidemic Campaign has the promise of being a huge success just like his family court multi-media serial entitled “Baby Mama Drama.”  This phenomenal hit included an award winning film documentary, a TV Talk show that aired throughout Philly, Delaware and New Jersey on WYBE/MIND Television station and a touring staged production that featured performers and personalities from BET, HBO, TV ONE, Black Family Channel, etc. There is much anticipation and great expectations that awaits Keith Mungin as he tackles the issue of vehicular homicide on radio, television and the print media of newspapers and magazines.