Young CEO Makes Waves With NaturAll Club

Young CEO Makes Waves With NaturAll Club


When Muhga Eltigani cut her hair her junior year of college, it was the start of her natural hair journey.Frustrated with the natural hair care products available Eltigani took matters into her own hands, becoming CEO and founder of NaturAll Club.

The NaturAll Club began out of Eltigani’s desire to use pure and natural products on her hair. Using fresh ingredients, Eltigani experimented with recipes in her dorm room. Documenting her experiences on YouTube and amassing over 40,000 subscribers in the process, Eltigani made her products a full-fledged business.

“I saw a gap in the market and opportunity to make fresher hair products, so I started a crowdfunding campaign asking women if they would you buy something like this and if so would you send your credit card information and then we sold $10,000 worth of products.”

Partnering with a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pennslyvania Eltigani created a refined and formulated recipe and began shipments to customers nationwide. Made from avocado and natural moisturizing oils, Eltigani believes simplicity is key to making healthy and natural products.

“Health is what the ingredients are? What is seeping into your scalp? Just like you want good ingredients for the inside of your body, you want for the outside of your body too.” Eltigani said.

The NaturAll Club is a subscription-based service, where members can expect to receive product deliveries on a monthly basis. According to Eltigani, receiving products on a monthly basis allow customers to develop a “consistent” and “convenient” hair regimen.

Admitting that “no two days are alike” and that being a young entrepreneur has its obstacles. Eltigani’s recent accomplishments cement her as a businesswoman on the rise. Featured as the only black-owned company in this years Forbes 30 Under 30 list for retail and e-commerce, the 25-year-old credits her parents and customers as inspiration to keep going.

“I think every entrepreneur has their moment when they’re like ‘why am I doing this.’ But I look at customer reviews, things that are uplifting and I believe in the power of our product and the power of our mission to provide natural and fresh ingredients.” Eltigani said.

In the future, Eltigani plans to expand her product offerings to make NaturAll Club globally and become the “natural L’Oréal.” In the meantime, she encourages other aspiring entrepreneurs to take chances.

“People get worried about waiting for it to be perfect, it will never be ‘perfect’,” Eltigani said. Start small, if you have an idea get some research behind it and never be too afraid of failure.”

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